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On a warm Saturday morning, the warm sun rays crept through your window and onto your bed. Birds chirping and a soft wind blowing could be heard as the sweet smell of summer filled your room.

You took in a deep breath and relaxed on you blue and green sheeted bed with a smile. Just then, your phone blared the Lucky Star theme song, making you fall out of your bed and onto the floor. You scrambled to your feet in the midst of a mini heart attack and grab your phone off your night stand beside your bed.

“Hello?” You groggily asked into your phone.

“HEY! Wake up frau! You sound dead!” A voice yelled back at you.

You sighed, eyes half closed, realizing who is calling. “What do you want, Gilbert?”

Gilbert is one of your 3 best friends. The others are Francis and Antonio, a Frenchman and a Spaniard. Gilbert is a Prussian albino, and is the most obnoxious. The three of them together are a gang called the Bad Touch Trio. Most of the time they’re fun to hang with. Only when they aren’t messing up your morning.

“Guess what? I’m takin’ you to the beach!” Gilbert announced.

“W-what? You wake me up, scream through my phone, and announce you’re taking me to the beach?! What the hell is wrong with you?!” You yelled back at him.

“Nothing is wrong with the awesome me! Because I am bringing Francis and Antonio with me too! We were originally gonna go by ourselves when I decided to drag you along too.” Gilbert responded.

You lit up when you heard Antonio’s name. To be honest, you had a huge crush on him! You never told anyone. Especially Gilbert and Francis. You would be so screwed if they found out because, knowing them, they might say “things” that would make kids ask their mommies and daddies sooooo many questions.

“Fine, I’ll come.” You gave in.

“Good! Because we’re coming right now!” Gilbert said before quickly hanging up.

“Oh shit! Right now?” You asked but he already hung up. “Damn it! Gotta get ready!” You said to yourself, throwing your phone onto your bed and dashing into your closet.

Inside your closet were so many different kinds of clothes. There were way too many choices so you decided to keep it simple. You quickly put on your swim suit which was a pair of Roxy swim shorts with a nice blue dotted tankini. Then you grabbed a lime green t-shirt that said ‘come at me bro’ and put it on. You reached down and grabbed a bag and stuffed an extra pair of shorts, shirt, panties, and bra into it with a towel and some sun block.

“That should be it!” You smiled, walking out of the closet and picking up your phone and wallet.

Moments later, you heard honking outside your house, followed by a “Get your ass down here!”

You quickly grabbed the rest of your things, shut of your bedroom light, ran downstairs, and outside, making sure to lock the door behind you.

In front of your house waited a sexy, red Corvette without the roof. Inside, the trio waited for you. They noticed you and waved with Francis at the wheel, Antonio in shot gun and Gilbert chillin’ in the back.

You skipped up to the car and threw your stuff in the back with Gilbert before climbing in yourself.

“You guys got here fast!” You complimented.

“We’re always fast! Because of my awesomeness, there’s no such thing as being slow!”

Gilbert bragged, leaning back and crossing his legs.

“You’re never that fast when you clean.” You smirked.

“That’s because cleaning isn’t awesome.” Gilbert complained.

“Can I drive or do I have to listen to this?” Francis asked.

“DRIVE! Step on that shit Frenchie!” You hollered, throwing your hands up in the air.

“Be nice to the driver~! I might ‘accidentally’ crash this thing!” Francis joked.

“Yeah right! No way in hell would you crash this sexy beast! You probably make out with this thing every night!” Antonio chimed in, laughing.

You and Gilbert burst out laughing with Antonio. Francis just rolled his eyes and stepped on the gas, lurching the car forward and to the beach.

*~*~*mini time skip*~*~*

Cars, trucks, and SUV’s whizzed past Francis’ car on the highway. Even a few smart cars passed by. (God, what a stupid car) Your hair flew back in the wind as you smiled to yourself, enjoying the ride.

“Enjoying the ride, __________?” Gilbert smirked.

“Totally. I can’t wait to get there!” You exclaim.

“No need to wait. We’re here!” Francis announced, turning a corner and picking out a parking spot.

“Schveet!” You yelled excitedly, not bothering to open the car door as you hurtled over it with your stuff.

“You’re pretty excited!” Antonio smiled at you.

“Yep! Now hurry up you guys! You’re the ones who dragged me here so don’t keep me waiting!” You giggled, playfully tugging on Antonio’s arm.

The rest of the guys got out of the car and walked down to the beach with you. Once your feet hit the warm sand, you quickly found a place to put down you towel. Once you felt everything was there, you brought out your sun block and took off your shirt to put in on your exposed areas of skin.

“I can help you put some on your back if you want, mon chéri!” Francis offered with a small, perverted smile.

“I think I’ll pass on that one, siiiiir.” You responded, slapping some sun block onto your back.

“We’ve only been here five minutes and you’re already hitting on her? That’s a new record!” Gilbert joked.

“Y’know, that’s greeeeaat. Now last one to the water sucks balls!” You yelled, jumping to your feet and running to the water.

The trio quickly followed behind you and splashed through the water. Francis turned out to be the last one in so you all started laughing at the irony of it.

“Ha ha, very funny. Now let’s play a game.” Francis grinned, gesturing to Gilbert.
Gilbert clued in and quickly jumped onto Francis’ shoulders.

“Nu uh! No way! I do NOT wanna play that game!” You argued, crossing your arms over your chest.

Suddenly, Antonio grabbed you and lifted you up onto his shoulders, making you squeak in surprise.

“Yes you are playing!” Antonio said playfully.

“F-fine. Not like I have a choice right now.” You blushed a bit.

Francis made the first move and unexpectedly charged at you and Antonio through the water. Luckily, Antonio was quick and dodged out of the way. The game was full of dodging and charging until Antonio ran out of the water and took the battle to land.

“It’s on now!” You said, getting into the mood.

This time, Antonio charged at Francis and you crashed into Gilbert, latching your hands firmly to his shoulders, as did he.

“You’re goin’ down frau.” Gilbert growled, giving you an evil smirk.

“Not today!” You announced, digging your nails into his shoulders and throwing off
Francis’ back.

Gilbert hit the ground, also causing Francis to come crashing down too. You fist pumped in victory and gave Antonio a high five. But your feeling of victory didn’t last too long, because Gilbert swiped his feet underneath Antonio’s making both of you fall. When you fell, Antonio ended up landing on top of you in the sand, causing Francis and Gilbert to burst out laughing.

For a moment, your eyes locked with Antonio’s and a bright red blush took over your cheeks. You gave yourself a reality check and started to scramble out from underneath Antonio. Once he was off you, you sat in the sand a meter and a half away from Antonio, head down, blushing hard.

Onhonhon~! That’s a nice blush you’ve got going on there _______!” Francis laughed.

“No I’m not blushing!” You protested. “I-It’s just hot out here.”

You took a glance over at Antonio and noticed he was blushing a bit too.”Kesesesese~! I think we should leave you two alone!” Gilbert joked.

“S-shut the hell up!” You yelled at him.

“Ahah! That was a good one huh Antonio! …Antonio?” Gilbert looked over at Antonio who was sitting there running the sand through his fingers. “The hell are you doing? Normally you would’ve said something completely smart assed. Pfff, whatever. I’m gonna walk. You can stay and play with your… sand.” Gilbert said before stalking off, Francis following behind.

An awkward silence sat between the two of you. Antonio still played with the sand. Then, he spoke.

“D-do you feel… ‘that way’ about me?” He stammered.

“I-I, uh, no, I mean yes, I mean…” You sighed, “

“D-do you feel… ‘that way’ about me?” He stammered.

“I-I, uh, no, I mean yes, I mean…” You sighed, “Y-yes. I do.” You managed. “I really, really like you.” You said quietly.
Both of you sat there for a while until Antonio mumbled something.

“What?” You asked, looking up.

“T-te amo, ________.” He said a little louder.

You didn’t know much Spanish, but you knew enough to understand what he just said. He looked up at you, his eyes meeting yours.

He quickly filled the space between the two of you, put his arms around you, and pulled you into a kiss. You were almost shocked at his actions, but you closed your eyes and melted into the kiss. You moved your arms from down in the sand to around his neck and his hands slowly slid down to your waist to deepen the kiss. Your fingers toy with his loose hair as he gently held you. Soon you broke from the kiss for air and you stared into his beautiful green eyes and he stared back into your (e/c) ones.

Antonio then glanced down at the beach saw Francis and Gilbert behind a wall of sand, snickering.

“I think we have spectators _______.” Antonio smiled.

“Well, let’s give them what they’re looking for then.” You smiled back.

You changed your position with Antonio so Gilbert and Francis could see. Then your lips met Antonio’s again and Gilbert and Francis had a clear view of what you were doing. Both of their jaws dropped, you didn’t care because you were in the middle of a sweet and blissful kiss with Antonio, your not-so-secret crush.
Just a short and stupid fan fic. Only my second one. PLEASEDONTKILLMEIFITSUCKS and magically four people can fit in that car. fan fiction logic.... suck it.
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